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I guess I am missing the ocean and it's surfacing in my designs. Living in St. Martin for some time, I discovered so many tentacle-y underwater wonders. How does that inspiration translate to the industrial materials I discover and transform? Lately, through rubbery tentacles and urchin spikes. Like their underwater counterparts, they are each one of a kind. All Cnidarians are aquatic, mostly marine, organisms. They all have tentacles with stinging cells called nematocysts that they use to capture food.

These earrings are made from loads of rubber cord salvaged from my favorite San Francisco recycling center. I have been known to bring an empty suitcase in anticipation of all the cool stuff I find there.

Each pair is one of a kind. Photo of Nicole from Pretty Gory, wearing her own pair. Check her out @prettygorythings

Earrings: approx. 11". These are meant to worn long, in lieu of a necklace. They can be easily shortened to your desired length at home, or leave note at checkout to have them snipped before shipping).

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Image of Cnidarian.009 Image of Cnidarian.009 Image of Cnidarian.009 Image of Cnidarian.009